SONAX XTREME Wheel Rim Cleaner Full Effect Acid Free 500ml
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  • Fast Cleaning Effect even on baked on stubborn brake dust.
  • Easy & Ready To Use. No dilution with water required.
  • Designed for All Wheels of All Car Brands
  • Safe on All Factory Installed Wheels.
  • Acid Free. pH Balanced. Non Abrasive.  
  • Watch Its Work Throught Active Indicator where product fluid change from transparent to red/purple colour.
  • Ideal for DIY & Professional Use.
  • Thorough Cleaning deep into wheel barrels and calipers.

Product Specification

Item Form Fluid in spray bottle
Volume 500ml Fluid
Specific Uses For Product Wheel Rim
Product Made Made in Germany
Stock Ready Stock
Shipped From SONAX Malaysia Office (Selangor, Malaysia)

Benefits of the Product

  • [FAST CLEANING EFFECT] The acid free wheel cleaner formula attaches and emulsifies stubborn baked-on brake dust. Simply spray on, let it dwell, watch for color change, agitate with soft brush if necessary, and rinse with water.
  • [EASY & READY TO USE] Can use directly. No dilution required.
  • [DESIGNED FOR ALL WHEELS] Effective formula for cars with difficult to clean wheels due to the high heat and brake dust. Sonax Wheel Cleaner Acid Free Full Effect is ideal for all vehicles including Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo, VW, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Kia and many others
  • [SAFE ON ALL FACTORY INSTALLED WHEELS] Safe on various wheel finishes including: Chrome, Aluminum, Steel, Clear Coated, Pvd, Painted, Plastic Wheel Covers, And Magnesium
  • [NO ACID] Acid free, ph balanced, non abrasive formula does not harm the rim surfaces or the wheel bolts.   
  • [WATCH IT WORK THROUGH ACTIVE INDICATOR] The color changing formula activates once it comes into contact with the ferrous metals (iron) found in brake dust or other dirt and grime. Wheel Cleaner Acid Free Full Effect sprays on clear, then watch as the product dissolves the brake dust turning deep red or purple
  • [IDEAL FOR DIY & PROFESSIONAL USE] Effortlessly achieve Shining Wheels that will make your vehicle looks like it just rolled off the Showroom Floor
  • [THOROUGH CLEANING] Safely clean dirt and brake dust on hard to reach wheel barrels and calipers.


Important Car Care Knowledge
We know that an aggressive, acidic rim cleaner can cause corrosion on the wheel bolts and metal parts such as the brake calipers. Although acid dissolves the dirt, it also attacks the metallic surfaces. That's why we use only safe ingredients to make sure you have a safe and pleasant car care experience with our products.

How to Use?
Shake bottle before use. Turn on spray nozzle.

Step 1. Spray cold rims evenly from a short distance.
Step 2. Allow it to work on soiling surface for 3-5 minutes then spray clean with waterjet. Use Soft brush to clean if needed.

Repeat Step 1 and 2 to next rim.
Dry all wheel rims completely with soft microfibre cloth or air blower.

Tips 1: Wheel Cleaner Acid Free Full Effect needs to be used on cool and dry wheels.
Tips 2: Use caution when applying this product to anodized wheels and brake systems - test in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Avoid contact with ceramic disc brake.
Tips 3: Do not let the product dry itself on the surface. Do not work under hot sun.
Tips 4: Seal rims with SONAX Rim Coating is highly recommended for extra protection and easier cleaning.

- All factory installed wheels. Safe on various wheel finishes including Chrome-plated, Aluminum, Steel, Clear Coated, PVD, Painted, Plastic Wheel Covers, and Magnesium, Polished & Matte rims

Not Suitable
- Re-painted wheel
- Re-coated wheel
- Wheel with peeling, cracks, scratches, or paint deterioration
- Wheel with damaged clear coat

What's In The Box?
1 bottle SONAX XTREME Wheel Rim Cleaner Acid Free Full Effect 500ml


Cara Mengguna
Pencuci Rim ini jenis sedia-pakai. Goncang botol produk dan turn on muncung semburan.

Langkah 1. Sembur produk dari jarak dekat ke atas permukaan rim yang sudah sejuk.
Langkah 2. Tunggu 3-5 minit untuk cleaner emulsify dan menanggalkan habuk brek, deposit besi, minyak dan kotoran degil dari rim tayar. Bilas / Tembak dengan waterjet sampai bersih. Pakai berus gosok lembut sekiranya perlu.

Ulangi Langkah 1 dan 2 untuk rim seterusnya.
Keringkan rim dengan kain microfibre atau air blower.

Tips 1: Pakai atas permukaan kering dan sejuk. Jangan pakai atas permukaan panas.
Tips 2: Perhatian bila pakai atas anodized wheels and brek sistem - test dulu pada area kecil yang tidak obvious. Elakkan ceramic disc brek.
Tips 3: Jangan biar cleaner kering di atas permukaan. Jangan pakai bawah matahari panas terik.
Tips 4: Pakai SONAX Rim Coating amat disyorkan sebagai perlindungan ekstra and menyenangkan cucian di kemudian hari.




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What's in the box

1 x SONAX XTREME Wheel Cleaner Full Effect Acid-Free 500ml