SONAX PROFILINE Ceramic Coating Hybrid CC One Set (for 2 cars)
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  • Professional Coating in Single Stage
  • Si-Carbon Technology
  • Colour Deep Effect
  • Extremely Smooth
  • Protection against UV radiation, contaminants and weather influences
  • 15 month protection


Paint killers lurk every­where, 24 hours a day. Rust never sleeps, nor do the enzymes in bird drop­pings that eat into the paint­work. Tannic acid washed out of the leaves by the autumn rain. UV radi­a­tion in summer, fric­tion from luggage or fine sand: the list of gloss-destroying elements is endless. The one-step Hybrid Coating CC One provides quick and easy defence. Perfect protec­tion with an optimal effort-result balance – that is the goal. 



SONAX has devel­oped a powerful weapon to keep the unique look of the paint shiny. Modern paint is an extremely condensed chem­ical system. Its mole­cules are held together by strong atomic bonds that form during curing. With the one-step Hybrid Coating CC One, SONAX has devel­oped a real team player that effec­tively strengthens this force field. SONAX Hybrid Coating CC One acti­vates the cohe­sion of the forces and opti­mises their effect – with just one appli­ca­tion.



Exerting pres­sure? When it comes to coating, this is only for amateurs. Profes­sionals know how to treat freshly polished lacquer with care. That's why the appli­cator of the Hybrid Coating CC One consists of a mate­rial triple. The Grip Pad ensures optimum ergonomic handling. The Liquid Manager stores the liquid and dispenses it in perfect doses. The Polish Layer is made of gently gliding microfibre fleece. The latest gener­a­tion three-compo­nent sponge enhances the effect of the one-step appli­ca­tion.



Care­fully apply the one-step hybrid polymer sealant CC One. After three to five minutes, remove any excess with a microfibre cloth. Then you let the Hybrid Coating CC One do its job and react for at least four hours. The surface of the car then has a wet shine and reflects the light partic­u­larly evenly. You can see your­self reflected in the result. 



To defeat the army of harmful influ­ences, paint needs an active ally: you! The effec­tive protec­tion of your paint­work will be much easier in the future. And you have up to 15 months to fully exploit the results. 



Thoroughly clean the paint and polish as required with a polishing machine to a scratch-free and hologram-free deep shine. The surface must be absolutely clean before sealing. For this, spray SONAX Profiline Paint Prepare (237300) onto a microfibre cloth ultrafine (450700) and carefully wipe all surfaces to be treated.



Apply a few drops of CC One onto the bright side of an Application Pad and, working crosswise, apply thinly to the paintwork. The area to be treated should be about half a square metre (1/4 bonnet). After a short exposure time of approx. 3-5 minutes, wipe all excess product with a new Microfibre Cloth Exterior Red to a streak-free finish. Wipe again using another clean Microfibre Cloth Exterior Red. Move on to treat next half a square metre area. Repeat the same steps until the entire vehicle is treated. Then allow the coating to cure for at least 4 hours. During this time, keep the vehicle in a clean and dry environment and DONOT touch the surfaces. If the Application Pad start to harden during the application of CC One, use a new Application Pad. The content of the can are sufficient for 2 complete vehicles.



  • To avoid finger prints, we recommend wearing disposable nitrile gloves during application.
  • Ideal processing temperature is between 20°C and 30°C. Do not process at temperature below 10°C.
  • In Malaysia weather is hot, it's recommended to process it under shelter. The coating will evaporate faster under hot weather and homid place, while the recommended exposure time (before wiping) is 3-5 minutes, in Malaysia, the exposure time is usually shorter than that. Test it when you perform the 1st area (after applying the coating, you will see rainbow on the surface. That's when you need to wipe off the excess product from the treated surface before it becomes too draggy to wipe off.)
  • The curing time can be reduced by approx. 50% by irradiation with infrared lamps.
  • Within the 1st hour, possible stains and stripes can be dissoved and removed with SONAX Profiline Paint Prepare (237300). Reseal the area after that.
  • After treatment, the coated vehicle Should Not be washed for at least 1 week.
  • Do Not polish the coated vehicle because this will remove the protective layer.
  • Decaled or partically decaled vehicles can be treated as long as decals are not extremely matt or dark.
  • Dispose the used Application Pads to avoid micro-scratches. Do Not reuse it. 
  • Wash the microfibre cloths used for wiping excessive coating product immediately after use or only use them for simple cleaning purpose.




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