SONAX AirAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaner (100ml)
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  • PROBIOTIC Prevent Pathogens Growth
  • CFU > 10 BILLIONS Probiotics

Complete Clean Air in 10 minutes using SONAX AirAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaner. 

✔ Eliminate unpleasant odour
✔ Leaves pleasant smell
✔ Returns and maintains Good and Healthy Indoor Air Quality
✔ Uses PROBIOTIC to do the Active Mode Cleaning hence Long Lasting Effect.
✔ Uses the natural way to control the growth of pathogens/bad germs
✔ Reduce the occurrences of serious allergies and infections
✔ Does not create dangerous mutants 
✔ Does not create Anti-Resistant germs
✔ Can be easily applied by any consumer
✔ Environmental safe, Non-harmful to human health

** Why do you need to do regular AirCond Cleaning?
In the humid and hot weather like Malaysia, aircond unit becomes perfect habitat to  many micro-organisms such as yeasts, bacteria and fungi. When these germs grow more and more. the consequences are unpleasant odours and even the occurrence of serious allergies. The interior/indoor air quality becomes bad and could affect health conditions of people with weaker immune system, ie young children and elder generation. Professional advice is, regular cleaning of aircond system should be done at a 4-6 months intervals to maintain a good and safe indoor air quality.  

** Why SONAX AirAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaner? What is the difference compared to typical and conventional Aircond Cleaner or Disinfectant?
The use of conventional disinfectants will kill a maximum of 99.9% of the bacteria, the surviving 0.1% will reproduce themselves millions of times over in just a few hours. In so doing, extremely dangerous mutants are created – better known as multi-resistant germ. 
SONAX AirAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaner works differently. It uses Probiotic's Active Mode of Action, Long Lasting Effect to do the work naturally. Our solution is Biological and Non-Harmful to Human Health. Benign cultures with the Air Aid mode of action clean the air conditioning unit as well as the ventilation system and create a healthy microflora. Healthy Microflora hence return and maintain Healthy Indoor Air.

** Do I need technical knowledge to apply the SONAX AirAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaner?
No, you do not need technical knowledge to do so. The product has been designed with locked trigger for easy application. Just turn on the aircond unit to the maximum, make sure all ventilation units are open and the mode is indoor ventilated. Shake the bottle and press trigger button until it's locked, then place the aircond cleaner standing in the middle of the car and let it spray inside with all car windows and doors closed. The process will take a few minutes.   After that just stop the aircond and open all the doors to allow air ventilation for about 10 minutes, then it's done!

** Is SONAX AirAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaner safe to environment and human health?
Yes, it is safe to environment and human health. SONAX AirdAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaner uses the natural microbiology technology to control the growth of pathogens without creating dangerous mutants nor causing multi-resistant germs. Environmental friendly and human health is always the key concern of SONAX since it was first started in 1950. 

** Can I use it for indoor aircond units ie home, office?
Yes, you can. The application will be similar. Just place the SONAX AirAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaner nearer to the home/office aircond unit. 

** I see different stickers/labels. Are they the same products?
Yes, they are the same AirAid Probiotic Aircond Cleaners. There are 3 versions of labels production - One without Probiotic wording, One with Probiotic Wording, One with Symbiotic Wording due to the product naming regulations in Germany and European Countries. However they are all the same. Please note that you might also get German language stickers. Rest assured that what you get from us are genuine products.

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