No.1 Germany Car Care Brand

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  • Polish with innovative abrasive grit for orbital finishing. Optimal scratch removal. Produces flawless gloss
  • Ideal for one-level, hologram-free paintwork valeting. Also for removing nibs from freshly painted surfaces
  • Silicone free and low dusting. Removes marks of up to grain size P2000
  • Perfect for Soft Paint
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany
  • Powerful abrasive polish for extremely weathered or scratched paintwork
  • Removes scratches, smooths scrapes and removes paint spray mist
  • Simultaneous good development of gloss. Low dust; will not burn in; can be wiped off easily
  • No filler. No silicone. Water based.
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Suitable on All Surfaces
  • No.1 Germany Car Care
  • Concentrate. For rapid paintwork care
  • Removes dirt easily and thoroughly
  • Cleans and protects the paintwork in one go. Provides shine and long-lasting preservation
  • Contains natural Carnauba wax hence provide velvety slickness.
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany. It moves you, make it shine!
  • Velvet Smooth High Gloss
  • Rapid Protection
  • Natural Carnauba Wax
  • Intensive Colours
  • No.1 Germany Car Care
  • Highly protective cleaning emulsion that is suitable for all types of paintwork
  • High-quality Carnauba wax seals the paintwork for many weeks, produces a streakfree high gloss and intensively restores the colours – without laborious polishing
  • Also ideal for maintaining and conserving plastic convertible tops
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany. It moves you, make it shine!
  • Hard & Flexible
  • Long Term Protection
  • UV Protect
  • Fluorine-Free
  • No.1 Germany Car Care