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This product is really good. Not only it removed the musty smell from aircond, it helps my sensitive nose. I used to easily sneeze and catch running nose when I turn on air-conditioning system. Normal air freshener or aircond cleaner does not seem to help. But after using SONAX AirAid Probiotic AC Cleaner, the condition has improved a lot. I don't have to get in the car feeling discomfort. It's saves my days!!!

5 January 2022
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For someone like me who have active life style, sweat stains and smell in the car interior is a common problem. And I definitely do not like having to drive with sticky steering wheel. I tried SONAX Interior Detailer and it really amaze me! In between my hectic schedule, I use this product as regular cleaner and sanitiser especially on the seats and steering wheel. It keeps the interior refreshing and the matt finishing is really awesome. No greasy feeling, no more sticky steering wheel, no sweat stains on the seats, and keep me looking cool (in my car) all the time! You should try this.

5 January 2022

Thanks for the advice to get this done! heart

5 January 2022