How to maintain Ceramic Coating?

You have got your car sealed with Sonax CC Evo / CC36. Congratulations! 

Does that mean there is no need to wash the car afterwards? No, that's not the case.

Maintenance is an important part in car care. Good maintenance habits will allow the coating to give its best performance and therefore better protection to car paint. Regular maintenance in fact helps coating to last longer. 

Here we list down some DOs and DONTs in maintaining your CC EVO / CC36-coated car.


DOs (The Good Habits)

  1. After the coating, wait 1 week before doing the 1st car wash with shampoo. If it rains in between, gently wash with clean water and dry it thoroughly.  
  2. Weekly manual wash with pH-neutral car wash shampoo, ie SONAX Gloss Shampoo or Profiline ActiFoam.
  3. 2-bucket wash system is encouraged.
  4. Always dry the car completely after each wash.
  5. Apply Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer or Xtreme Spray&Seal every 1 to 2 months or every 4 to 8 washes. Or optionally Profiline Polymer Netshield every 4-6 months. (Note: CC Evo is best to go with Xtreme Spray&Seal)
  6. Use soft micofiber cloth.


DONTs (The Bad Habits)

  1. Never wash the car.
  2. Wash without car wash shampoo especially when the car is dirty.
  3. Not drying the car completely.
  4. Use strong chemicals (highly acidic or highly alcaline) on the car.
  5. Use washing brushes, insect sponges for strong rubbing.
  6. Use rough microfibre clothes.
  7. Drive into a brush or automatic car wash.
  8. Always use cleaning clay.
  9. Polish or Wax the car. 


 If you have to do your washes outside most of the time at places where you're not sure what car wash shampoo they use, apply the maintenance product (Xtreme Brillinat Shine Detailer or Xtreme Spray&Seal) more frequently will be able help. 

With the DOs and DONTs above, hopefully it gives you some good ideas what are the Good Habits to continue with and what are the Bad Habits to avoid. 

Should you have any further question, donot hesitate to contact us. :)


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