3 Steps to Perfect Shine Car

Here is how you can do it as easy as 1-2-3.

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► 1- Clean the Wheels

On cold rims, shake then spray Xtreme Wheel Cleaner evenly to the rims.Wait 2-4 minutes. The cleaner will turn reddish/purple-ish when in contact will dirt/brakedust. Agitate with brush if stubborn dirt. After that, waterjet of the wheels completely and leave no residue behind. *Note: Do Not allow cleaner to dry on the surfaces.

Recommendation of use: Depends on soiling condition, for cars that always have a lot of brakedust, once a week might be needed. Otherwise, once or twice a monfh is fine. 


► 2- Wash the Car

Remove coarse dirt with water. Prepare Shampoo water (mix 1-2 caps Gloss Shampoo with around 10L clean water). Wash the car from top to bottom and rinse with plenty of clean water. Have a second bucket ready with clean water. Rinse the sponge with clean water from time to time during the washing process. Dry the car completely after wash. 

Practise good habit doing Weekly wash will help to reduce the damage contaminants/watermarks start to form on your car paintwork.


► 3- Add Finishing Touch

Shake and spray Xtreme BrilliantShine Detailer evenly on surface. Wipe off to a streak-free finishing. Work on small area at one time and move on to the next area after completing the previous one. Should hazy is spotted, respray product on the hazy area and wipe off clean. 

Tips for using Xtreme BrilliantShine Detailer in many ways can be found here.

Recommendation of use: It's up to personal preferences. In normal situation, once every 4 washes is good enough. 


Recommended Products here: Value Pack for Perfect Shine Car 

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